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Africa Association of Lacrosse (AAL) Elects Lincoln Nyade as New President

The Africa Association of Lacrosse (AAL), on Sunday, 25 February 2024, elected Lincoln Tei Nyade, as President of the Association through a secure electronic voting platform. The president-elect, Lincoln Tei Nyade, won with seventy-five per cent (75%) of the total vote cast (9/12) with Julie Noelle Epse Bago receiving 25% of the total votes (3/9).

Mr Nyade has been serving as the executive secretary of the Ghana Lacrosse Association since July 2019 and has been instrumental in the organization of the Online Coach Developer Academy and Wildfire Lacrosse Festival since its inception in August 2022.

Lincoln is an astute researcher with an MPhil in Geography and Resource Development from the University of Ghana, Legon with professional experience in Water Sustainability, Disaster Risk Reduction and GIS and Remote Sensing.

A total valid vote of twelve (12) was counted out of fourteen (14) eligible voters. Representatives of Rwanda Lacrosse and South Africa Lacrosse were absent with the Uganda Lacrosse Association not eligible to vote due to suspension.

Below is the list of NGBs that voted on February 25.

  1. Ghana Lacrosse Association

  2. Kenya Lacrosse Association

  3. Lacrosse Association of Nigeria

  4. Federation of Ivorian Lacrosse

  5. Sierra Leone Lacrosse Association

  6. Togo Lacrosse Association

  7. Federation of Benin Lacrosse

  8. Burkina Faso Lacrosse Association

  9. Botswana Lacrosse Association

  10. Zambia Lacrosse Association

  11. Zimbabwe Lacrosse Association

  12. Mozambique Lacrosse Association


  1. Rwanda Lacrosse Association

  2. South Africa Lacrosse Association


  1. Uganda Lacrosse Association

More to follow on the formation of the new board.

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