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Development: Tom McCabe leads World Lacrosse to Ghana

Delegates from World Lacrosse completed a multi-day trip in Ghana to further the development of the game. Instructors from World Lacrosse inspired a 3-day intensive lacrosse development program in Ghana from Thursday, 16th January to Saturday 18th January 2020.

World Lacrosse Ambassador to Africa, Tom McCabe led the development team from World Lacrosse to help over 400 boys and girls experience the game for the first time. World lacrosse also provided instruction to more than 15 physical education teachers from three different schools.

The President of Ghana Lacrosse, Henry Benjamin Ackom, made it a priority to use a school-based model to grow the game. Participants from Greater Accra, Eastern and Central regions of Ghana benefited from the well designed boot camp to fine-tune their skills. The leadership of the schools welcomed the prospects of including lacrosse in their physical education and sports programme.

Students from Accra, Akosombo, Kuntu & Saltpond demonstrated high level of athleticism and desire to learn from the team led by Tom. Lacrosse in Ghana reached a new milestone with the participation and performance of these lads at the just ended lacrosse development program.

Kudos to the entire team and community leaders who made this successful.

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