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Ghana Lacrosse takes the game to Akropong Akwapim

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Our community development programme continued in Akropong Akwapim where 120 teenagers were introduced to the sport of lacrosse.

The community and schools development team visited Akropong Akwapim on April 17 to introduce the fastest growing sports to one-hundred and twenty teenagers. The kids were taken through basic lacrosse drills to unearth their love for the game.

Kids lining up for basic lacrosse drills

Parents and hawkers from the mountainous community surrounded the playing field as the young athletes practiced the run, scoop and shoot drill. The development session ended with talks how maintain good hand hygiene and adherence to all COVID-19 protocols.

Akropong Akwapim is located in the Eastern Region of Ghana about 50km from Accra. The town is known for producing snails and palm oil. It's one of the few location in Ghana where tourists can experience a winter-like weather.

As we grow the game, we will continue to explore opportunities for sustainable development of communities.

We will be at Saltpond (Central Region) on May 28 to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021 with young lacrosse enthusiasts. If you want to partner or sponsor, call +233551551120 or send an email to

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