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Report: Menstrual Hygiene Day and Lacrosse 2021

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

It was love at first sight for 150 teenagers who converged at Saltpond to join our menstrual hygiene education and lacrosse development programme.

We celebrated this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day with students from Kuntu and Saltpond under the theme "Lacrosse & Menstrual Hygiene Education". The event was facilitated by representatives from Ghana Environmental Community for Sustainability with support from Windy Wolves Lacrosse (University of Education).

One hundred and fifty teenagers attended the community development programme on Friday, 28th of May 2021. The participants were sensitized on menstrual hygiene and adolescent reproductive health.

After a debriefing session, all the150 participants joined the development director, Rufus Agyei Ntiamoah on the school field to experience lacrosse for the first time.

The teenagers loved the game and exhibited remarkable athleticism during the entire session.

One hundred and fifty participants were presented with packs of sanitary towels to cater for their needs in the coming months. We continue our community development programme in the Ashanti region in the month of June.

To donate lacrosse equipment and sponsor our community development initiatives, contact us @

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