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Road to Fitness: Lacrosse Teams train after Covid-19 Lockdown

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

The Ghana National Lacrosse Teams resumed fitness training at Saltpond after a lengthy break amid Covid-19 pandemic. One hundred and twelve athletes participated in the two day event at the coastal community.

Ghana lacrosse athletes playing at Saltpond

Coach Brian Gorodetsky and development director, Rufus Ntiamoah assessed performance of the players and refined their skills during intensive drills. Athletes from Windy Wolves, a lacrosse team from University of Education, Winneba, joined the session with their male and female teams.

Lacrosse fans from the community graced the two-day event and promised to support the growth of the game by attending league games in December 2020.

The players exhibited remarkable commitment to reach higher heights. If you want to adopt a community to grow the game please contact our development director via

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